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Caress her heart

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Let this bouquet of fresh gerberas fill with joy the heart of your loved one. Artistically made with 6 Gerberas and Freesias, enhanced with touches of fine foliage in different shades. Wrapped with white and pink paper and bows to tone.
U$S 49


Delicado florero de vidrio con rosas importadas y follaje seleccionado.
U$S 61

Love in bicycle....

A perfect gift for any occasion, birthdays, births, or just because… Made with seasonal flowers natural or artificial. They’re always welcome. The fabric can be blue, white or pink.
U$S 61

Love and Passion

Roses, lit like love!!! To amaze that special person, give them a compact bouquet of 18 red roses on a crystal base.
U$S 113

Color Harmony

Minimalist flower arrangement, made with thin esterlicias and imported ceramic base roses. Ideal to surprise.
U$S 92

Art and design

Our group of trained florists has created this exclusive Roses design, framed in crystal. Its transparency hierarchizes the compact set of red imported roses, ideal to express what we feel without words...
U$S 91

Romantic callas

Simple and elegant composition with callas, ideal as a centerpiece or anywhere in your house or office. Made on a crystal base, decorated by hand with glossy leaves.
U$S 33