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New products

Sweet Day

Delicate vase with 2 roses, accompanied with balloon and chocolates.
$ 1350

Surprise for you...

Delicate glass vase with 24 imported roses.
$ 3600

Love hug

Fantastic basket with 12 imported roses, accompanied with balloon and stuffed.
$ 2950

Calida Brisa

Fine floral arrangement made in glass cube with imported roses and lilium.
$ 2300


Delicate vase with 6 imported roses.
$ 1780


Beautiful glass vase with imported roses and lilium.
$ 2900


Delicate bouquet made with 12 imported roses, accompanied with balloon and stuffed.
$ 2200

Because I love you

Delicate glass vase with 18 imported roses, accompanied with balloon and chocolates.
$ 3480


Modern and Romance

Elegant and modern bouquet 6 roses; ideal gift for that special person in your life there .
$ 880

Caprice and passion

To listen to their heartbeats wherever you are... Send this composition of 12 Ecuatorian Red roses, delicately decorated with foliage wrapped in transparent gift paper.
$ 1700


To make that special someone feel "special”. Luminous composition of 18 imported white roses, presented in a compact bouquet that arouses admiration for its elegance and simplicity. Wrapped in plastic wrap delicately finished with raffia bow.
$ 2300

I’m sorry…

To apologize and show your romantic side. Simple, delicate and beautiful, two branches of Asian Lilium decorated with natural leaves, wrapped in two shades, according to the color of Lilium request.
$ 750

Disciplined Difembaquia

Tropical plant with leaves in two shades, ideal for interior, height 50 cm approximately.
$ 880

SAINTPAULIA or African Violet

Outside plant with colorful flowers that bloom all year and can live perfectly indoors.
$ 250

Another proporsal

Group of callas arranged on a crystal vase 40 cm tall, put on a rocks base. This arrangement can be made with fresh flowers or artificial ones, contact us.
$ 1980

To arouse smiles

To renew friendship or as a present for your lover, give them this tender and simple gift with 3 velvety red Roses and 6 Carnations, in a ceramic or crystal base. The illusion touch never leaves and the message of the tapes with hearts speak for you.
$ 1630

Bird of Paradise

Delicate, lively and original composition made with strelitzias or bird of paradise, made on a base of ceramic with fruit, leaves and seeds ornaments.
$ 2100